First Show - Done!

I was really lucky today - I had a reviewer as well as people from Amnesty International Awards come to see the show today. I felt good about my show, however, no one made a peep during the whole hour! It was so quiet - no laughing, chuckling, chortling, sniffling, sneering, snickering. No gasps or even a cough. Okay, one cough. But no audience response! I was devastated during the show, thinking that they were bored out of their minds. Or, because it's an early show, they weren't quite awake yet. However, after the performance, a few people thanked me, which was a surprise, and then another company explained to me this afternoon that in Europe, it's considered rude to make any noise at all during a show. Well, I was not expecting that! But now that I know, I can breathe a little easier. And I won't pause for laughter where I used to before. The space is great. My crew is excellent. Now I just need to hustle to get more people in those seats!