Day 6 - Getting into the Groove

Tuesday I had my second show and it went so well! I think it may have been because I had a new comedian friend in the audience and she laughed, gasped, chortled in all the right spots. It kind of gave the rest of the audience permission to make noise. And that really put me at ease. There was supposed to be another press person in the audience but they didn't show up. Darn! That was such a great performance. Alas. 

Today's show went alright. I was shaky and nervous the whole time. You'd think that on the third day of the show, I'd be relaxed - old hat, right? But no. I felt a little out of it. Maybe because I stayed up too late last night after I realized I'd had a good the way, I got reviewed by TVBomb. It's official! Yee haw! 4 out of 5 bombs. I'm hoping for a few more reviews before my time here is over.

On a different note, I'd like to tell you a little about Edinburgh. It's on the sea, so there are lots of seagulls everywhere. In the morning, they fly by my window and make their cries. It sounds like a woman laughing heartily. So in my morning dreams, I often see this women laughing, laughing. And then I wake up. Today I went to TESCO which is sort of like their version of Walmart. I found a box of gigantic tissues which you have to see. I'll attach it here soon.