Super Duper Day 8

I was out flyering as usual before my show today. I came downstairs to wait to go into the theatre when our theatre director walked in and said, "Congrats on your review!"

"The one from Tuesday?" I asked. 

"No, " says Darren, "the one from this morning by Broadway Baby."

What?! BroadwayBaby is kind of a BIG DEAL! I mean, they are pretty legit around here. I got 4 stars! It totally made my day. In fact, it sort of made my trip. It was a really nice review. You can read it here. It just suddenly all feels worth it. All the mornings I've woken up with butterflies, not just here, but in New York, too. All the rehearsals, all the work, and all the fear that people wouldn't get it. But it seems like they do. It turns out that it IS a relatable story and that's what I had hoped. So I'm content today and feeling warm fuzzies from Edinburgh, Scotland and my fellow artists. Thank you. This is a good thing and will continue to be good, even if I do wake up with butterflies again tomorrow.